Effects of Amanitas muscaria / Fly Agarics


We searched high and low for accurate descriptions of effects, but came to the conclusion there are too many factors and inconsistencies to pin point exact effects. There are dramatic variances in potency between one mushroom and the next - (our research has shown that two fly agarics growing next to each other - same soil, same light, same water can have varied degrees of potency). There are also dramatic differences of fly agaric effects between one person and the next. Storage, habitat, drying, age when picked, etc, these all have an influence on the Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) effects.

Most people in German & English speaking countries (regardless of their level of education) believe that fly agaric mushrooms are deadly poisonous and should be avoided at all costs. Paracelsus's rule, which says that the dosage is the factor that determines whether something is a poison or a medicine, has apparently not become widely known. If the fly agaric was evaluated according to this criterion, then people would have to leave their cherished black and white thinking behind; for many a very painful or difficult task.

In recent years, many reports and descriptions of the effects of the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) have appeared. In general, the symptoms of fly agaric inebriation include a strong parasympatholytic stimulation, wavelike shifts between sleepiness and wakefulness, illusions, hallucinations, and delirium. The effects are often described as unpleasant, and inexperienced users may easily interpret them as signs of a "toxic ecstasy". In the older literature, fly agaric is portrayed as a deadly poison, and peoples were urgently warned against its use. This notwithstanding, the toxicological literature does not contain a single case of lethal fly agaric poisoning; "there is no evidence of fatalities" (Garnweider 1993). The more recent literature also notes: "If the mushroom is consumed with the expectation of hallucinogenic effects, then it tends to produce a pleasant outcome". Once again we see that the expectations a person brings into the experience (the set) exert a powerful influence upon the experience of an altered state. If the fly agaric is believed to be poisonous, horrible apparitions may arise; if it is regarded as a pleasurable inebriant, enjoyable visions and feelings will result.

Some people report temporary sensations of nausea after ingesting fly agaric mushrooms, after which most are overwhelmed by sleep. The visionary effects, which are often characterized by synaesthesia, begin after they awaken and can last for several hours. Reports of visions of giants in the world of dwarfs are remarkably common. The effects are more subtle when fly agarics are smoked and are manifested primarily as a heightened perception and increased sensitivity in the musculature. Regardless of the manner in which the mushrooms are consumed, auditory perception is heightened, refined, or altered.

Through research, we gathered reports for Amanitas / Fly Agarics mushroom effects. Our reports (again) vary dramatically, from zero, nada, nothing, to feeling drunk or stoned, to ripping holes in the fabric of time.. no more matter, just God. Positive Amanita muscaria effects build up each time one use them. This being said, only consume Fly Agarics (Amanitas muscaria) when your in a good frame of mind - this will help bring out a positive experience.

Effects from Fly Agarics (Amanitas muscaria) can last from 5 to 10 hours (although a 10 hour trip is very rare). The onset starts between 20 minutes and 2 hours. We hear reports of vucid dreams and feelings of extreme power (which is why the Vikings used them prior to battle). Many who fall asleep enter the visual stages of Amanitas upon waking.


Eating Amanitas

Amanita / Fly Agaric mushrooms are eaten all over the World. They are considered poison in field guides, however the mushroom is not poisonous in the standard English sense of the term (Poisonous - a substance , a small part of which, if ingested, can cause serious injury or even death). The Amanita muscaria is poisonous in the sense that there are ways of ingesting it that may make you feel nauseous, or that might intoxicate. We have Amanita recipes here.


Experience Report 1

Speaking of Amanita muscaria (Fly Agaric) experiences is difficult as it depends on the mushroom, the subject (person) who is experimenting and the environment where the experience takes place. A report was published about an experiment that took place with six people. The group was quickly reduce to five people as one subject withdrew because it was too unpleasant. The report details that the most important factor is when the mushroom is picked. The strongest mushrooms are picked in the middle of August at the start of the season. Fly Agarics picked later lose their psychedelic effects and become more narcotic and physical. The personality of the consumer is also an important factor - his/her mood, attitude, motivation and past experience. People interested in meditation or introspective experiences have found the Fly Agaric to be close to this feeling, while people interested in Fly Agarics being a trip have found it unpleasant. Interaction between a group is not evident; it seem that the effects of the Amanitas result is individual and each subject wants to be alone. Perhaps this is determined by the absence of a guide, someone familiar with the mushroom and this lack has been underlined by all. Its seems the experience is closer to religious or transpersonal insight by those with expectations of religious vision or shamanic belief. It should also be mentioned that the effects are better by fasting before taking Amanitas. Two or three days of light food prior to the fast will help reduce nausea in the initial stages.

Its possible to split the Fly Agaric / Amanitas experience into three stages: Stage 1 - one experiences symptoms of nausea and possible vomiting. Stage 2 - The narcotic effects begin. Stage 3 - Visions and psychedelic hallucinations.

From Amanita / Fly Agarics you can experience highly colorful, very bright LUCID dreams. The frequency of these dreams are said to be 45%in subjects. In your dream you know you're dreaming and are experiencing a reality other than the waking one. Three persons in this stage have reported being sleeping and simultaneously being aware of the environment around them, to have heard every sound and to have remembered everything that happened in the room during the experience. It's in this stage that you can experience a particular "strange" sensation of conversing with "something" inside yourself. Personally, I remember having asked about a personal problem of mine and suddenly a vivid image coming into my mind with a strong psychological insight. I remember this image with a sense of importance for an effect on the course of my life even after years.

In the third stage we experience a more typical altered state of consciousness. One person in the first session reported in the passage between stage 1 and stage 2 a "profound sense of spiritual insight with a dreamlike feeling of a religious identity with my deep self." This is the only religious feeling which has been reported. More common were changes in body perspective with a feeling of being split in two, with a part of himself remaining on the left side of his body. Dizziness and a sense of being disoriented, with some difficulty in motor coordination, were very common in the third stage. In all cases this experience occurred in a dreamlike state, which is the most important aspect of stage 3: a state in which a person is experiencing reality as an inner world with a strong feeling of introspection.

Sometimes there was a sense of a change in objects with perceptive and sensorial distortion, a sense of bodily expansion into the environment or of an extraordinary sensory change. All the people were fully aware of being in an unusual state of consciousness but the sense of ego was maintained throughout the experience. The imagery increased at the height of the experience (interface between stages 1 and 2), with a greater distinctness and vividness: people experienced a particular kind of imagination where thoughts were immediately transformed into images. This has happened to six people. During the Amanita experience people complained of a lack of attention with a high involvement in inner images and sensations and great difficulty in directing concentration. No effects were reported on memory, which was unimpaired in all throughout the experience. Nobody has reported feelings of irritation, anger, shame, guilt or other negative feelings. Sexual feelings and also sensations of love, joy and bliss were absent. Some people remember a marked sense of detachment and no emotional involvement. Control of the experience, thought and image was very reduced because of the absence of volition: the person accepted this situation with detachment and absence of any criticism. I think that the most powerful quality of Amanita muscaria is this sense of silent talking to oneself; the kind of internal dialogue where a person has the feeling of important revelations about his life, a feeling which is maintained for a long time after the experience. More research into this is needed, particularly with selected groups of people: I think this mushroom could have a lot to teach us about ourselves.

Experience Report 2

This is a report published on a well known USA based forum:

My psychedelic history in no particular order: Nitrous, Psilocybes, LSD, San Pedro tea, 2C-I, MDMA, Ketamine, Datura seeds, DXM, Salvia Divinorum (I have experience). I am generally a happy person, and know not to take psychedelics during difficult times.

This experience took place about half a year ago, so I don't remember specific details too well, except for those aspects of the trip that were unforgettable.

One night at home my friend and I split one cap in half blended into a tasty fruit smoothie. Prior to the experience I had read a lot about this mushroom and therefore had a hard time believing that I would have a strong trip just from the little amount taken. I was proved wrong.

It took a while to set in, and at one point I was in that sort of frame-of-mind that every psychonaut has experienced, “This is too weak….I knew I should have taken more…Why is it affecting my friend and not me!?” Reality was markedly different at this point, and I had slight nausea, but I still was not tripping.

I don’t remember the transition too well, but my friend started asking me a bunch of philosophical questions like, “What do you want?” I was much more in tune to this type of questioning and responded, “Love.” My answer seemed to have an emotional resonation to it, comparable to a pebble being dropped into a pond. My friend soon lost his ability to carry on a conversation and started rolling around on the floor. Bored, I turned on some music, although I just couldn't’t find something I liked. Finally I set up a playlist of Beethoven and Mozart pieces and left it on that. With the lights dimmed I went over and layed down on my bed. This is when all hell broke loose…….

Laying there, a good two to three hours after consuming the smoothie, I started to lose track of the music. It seemed like it no longer existed. I was strangely delirious, and felt like how I might during a Datura experience.

The effects continued to strengthen sending me into a state very similar to that which I find during a strong salvia trip. I experienced similar patterning situations where I visualize a pattern in my head (often the room divides itself into a multitude of mirror images and then these images start rotating in a kaleidoscope fashion). I often become part of the pattern, and can feel the rotating sensation in my body. Sometimes I feel like the entire room rotates so that I am upside and feel as if I’m going to fall.

That isn’t exactly how I felt because of the Amanitas, but I did think to myself, “This is what a Salvia trip would be like if it wasn’t so short in duration!” I don’t know what happened, but something in the music must have triggered the insane pattern I soon developed. It first started as one clap, and then another, and another, and another until I found myself trapped in a “nightmarish loop of claps and anti-claps” (as my friend would name my experience the following day).

There was the union point, where the clap originated. Everything else was just an echo of this one clap. I visualized a pair of hands first touching at the fingertips and then making final contact down towards the wrists. The experience consisted of two sides of the pattern: there was the echo (the clap), and the mirrored echo (the anti-clap). I would be stuck in a series of echoes for what seemed like forever and then realize I was approaching the union point. As the echo drew nearer and nearer to the union point I became excited because it felt like the claps were finally going to end. When the union point arrived a feeling of relief came over me. That is, until I realized that I was still stuck in the pattern, but that I was now reliving the pattern in reverse (the anti-claps). I was so disappointed…. I was still stuck. Then after what seemed like forever the anti-claps started to near the union point, and I was excited. It was going to stop this time. Now the cycle had fully completed itself. It had to end…

I was wrong. I entered back into the clap stage for what seemed like an eternity. This cycle repeated itself innumerable times throughout the night. Each time I passed through each phase, I had the same series of emotions. I became very desperate though as the night progressed. I had to make this end somehow. I finally decided to get up, and to make an attempt to explain to my friend what was going on. I got out of bed and forced him to pay attention to me. Maybe he could distract me from it. I told him I was stuck in a giant loop thought. “Whatever you do” I said, “Don’t clap!” He obviously had no idea what I was talking about so he told me to explain myself. I said, “You keep clapping, I keep clapping, or my DAD keeps clapping.” I definitely could not communicate very well and this did not help my friend understand what was happening to me, nor did it help it stop.

I eventually gave up trying to talk to my friend and went back to bed to try and wait the experience out. The effects seemed to become even more intense. I felt like I had captured the secret of the universe, and that the union point to my pattern was all there was to it. That everything in existence was locked away, just part of this pattern bubbling inside my head. Finally I made one last desperate, blind attempt to end it. At this point I was telling myself “OH CRAP! You’ve done it this time. You’ve gone and done the one thing in this world that made you actually go insane.” I was convinced that when people go insane this is the thought (pattern) they had in their heads that made them lose their sanity. I got out of bed again and tried to do something that I knew was not part of this all encompassing pattern.

So, I tried to remove one of my socks and leave the other one on. Or something like that. But I still felt unsure whether or not I had already done something like this.

Then I remembered I had a bottle of Diphenhydramine pills. After searching for a while, and distracting myself by putting a “candy” bracelet in my mouth I got at a rave once, I realized this was not what I was after, and finally located the bottle. I opened the top and immediately took out five pills. With what little coordination I had left, I managed to grab the cup of water on my desk, without spilling it too much, and swallowed all five pills. I sat for 40 minutes until they took over, then went to sleep.

A couple days later, I went to change my socks. When I removed the one from my right foot there was another underneath it. I laughed, remembering my brush with insanity.

About a week afterwards I met the person who bought the mushrooms, and told him about my experience. I was surprised because he was able to empathize spot-on about the whole loop thing and how we thought that it was going to end, but that it ended up just replaying itself in reverse.

I will not try Amanitas again for a long time, if ever.


Experience Report 3

The life story of a Siberian Shaman is told in the novel, The Lord of the Fire. During his training, he must have several experiences with fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushrooms. The author, who has written nonfiction works on shamanism describes these as though he himself had had such experiences:

Then there was the new seeing, an overly clear vision, that had been brought about by the frequent use of raw fly agarics (Amanita muscaria). Shortly after eating the aromatic flesh of the mushroom, the effects began: Initially, the accelerated pulse and heartbeat were the sure messengers of the coming changes. Then the colors began to light up, a burning green, a longingly deep blue, rich brown, and gleaming silvery gray of the rock. The room, the forest, expanded every time he exhaled, and contracted with every inhalation. Breath and forest and vision became one single act. The power of the helping spirits in the mushroom revealed how nature vibrated in a rhythm, illuminated the big pattern, imparted the smallest detail with an unimagined importance. If the fly agaric was good and the helping spirit within it powerful, then his hearing would also change. He perceived the slightest snap in the woods, the rustle of a mouse, he heard crackling in the moss, the movement of the leaves in the wind. And the most astonishing thing was that he could sometimes also understand the language of the animals.